Women are physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially different than men.

Women thus have unique gifts, talents, and skills to offer the human family.

These contributions are of great worth, and are especially needed in the world today.

Through the lens of
Maternal Feminism we discover a philosophical framework that places women and their creative work at the center of social relevance.

Our capacity to create and sustain human life is a tremendous power from which society can recognize and then begin to organize around.

This framework challenges the current predominant social assumption that the sexed female body is less than fully human and therefore an inferior existence.

For so long we have been trying to operate within a system that is increasingly denying us our powerful biological uniqueness.

It is essential that we begin recognizing our internal worth, value and power, and magnifying amongst one another.

“ My mother was my first Country.
The first place I ever lived”

-Nayyirah Waheed


Our individual female power gives way to something even more remarkable, that of Maternal Economy. Once we’ve unearthed our individual roots and embraced our female power, we begin to notice the many interconnected roots that exist among all women nurturers. The maternal economy is the name we give to that organic system that encompasses our broad life giving network of female inspired, and family focused support.

When women acknowledge our power, and support one another throughout the challenges of life, our tree becomes deeply rooted in the ground and provides an even broader social protection against impeding storms and challenges. Our social network based on a attachment, giving, and nurturing, lending of skills, time, talents, love and respect are anchored in a system of mutual partnership.

This culture of partnership can’t help but expand outward to include the family. One of the most valuable assets within a society is that of the family. We call that “Family Capital."

As women our bodies provide life and protection for the next generation. But with this power we bear specific bodily vulnerabilities. Hence the need for healthy partnerships and interdependence that connects people to each other at the family level. A harmonious family is greater than the sum of its parts. It has the capacity to span generations of social protection and support.