Grace Garn

Growing up I was constantly told that I was mouthy, loud, overly opinionated, power driven, and too passionate for my own good. As discouraging as all of this was, I never lost that passion that I was so often ridiculed for. As I have grown into my own self-confidence, I have come to understand that all of these things that I hated about my self have actually been my gifts and talents that I believe were given to me by my higher power to create a culture of love and empowerment. For a while, I wondered where I could best channel these gifts and how I could use them to better the world around me. Enter Big Ocean Women. Big Ocean Women has given me a safe space to express my thoughts, cares, and passions. I feel validated and loved in the Big Ocean community. Not only all this, but I feel I am genuinely helping people and playing my small part in changing the world when I work with Big Ocean Women. As I was learning more about Big Ocean I became more and more confident that I am getting behind a great cause. I am overflowing with enthusiasm as I tell my loved ones about the movement of maternal feminism because I know how much it has helped me and I want to help others. The connections I have made through Big Ocean Women personally, socially, and professionally has made my life richer. A huge thank you to all of my mentors and friends at Big Ocean Women!



Being part of a cottage that stands for faith, family and religion has helped me see the hunger women have for an opportunity to meet together and share their heart issues in a comfortable environment. Its kind of an extension of a helping hand and an encouragement that is unique. I think just the fact that there is a network of women who believe in the same values is also very reassuring. Women are able to stay back and share immediate problems and are open to counsel. I feel great just knowing that I am part of a community that helps bring healing and encouragement to women around me.

For my cottage, the women didn’t give individual statements but they are grateful for the opportunity to meet and discuss values pertaining to growing and reaffirming their faith, family and especially recognizing the uniqueness of motherhood. In our locality, being a mother is taken for granted and not seen as a big deal but knowing that in itself, that is a great contribution to life is something they are grateful for. We have been able to encourage and stand with each other in different circumstances – loss if a loved one, sickness, birth of new babies and family challenges.


JaKell Sullivan

Big Ocean Women has given a public voice to women and mothers across the globe who understand the indispensable role that women play as nurturers—nurturers of children and nurturers of society as a whole. I have been given the courage to defend this feminine virtue as I’ve seen the women of Big Ocean defend it and celebrate it. Their example is necessary in a society that increasingly minimizes the importance of maternal influence. I’m so grateful to know and serve alongside such exemplary women.


Caroline Höglund


As a board member of an organization working to improve family policies in Sweden with the child’s needs as a priority, and working on valuing the unpaid work that mostly women do, I was excited to meet Big Ocean Women at the UN of the Commission of the Status of Women.

Being at such an event, one might think you would feel empowered but I felt the opposite in so many ways. Standing for families, valuing mothers and true equality is not politically correct and often hushed and frowned upon. Big Ocean Women came with energy and true empowerment that I needed to keep on working on what I feel in my heart is right and to find worth in that again. I felt a sense of belonging and womanhood that was uplifting and encouraging. What a positive, strong, and empowering organization Big Ocean Women is, filled with intelligent women who put their strengths together to make changes for good to women around the world; it is inspiring to me.

I received a poster from Big Ocean Women highliting Maternal Feminism that I now have on my wall. It reminds me of my infinite worth, my innate strength and my irreplaceable role as a woman in home AND in society.

I feel blessed and empowered to know and work with Big Ocean Women.

~Stockholm, Sweden~

Madeleine Wallin

My first meeting with Big Ocean made me realize how much power we can create when people come together as a group.  We first had a breakfast meeting together where our organization talked about the work we do and what we have to deal with making the choice to care for our children at home for more years in Sweden.

But the second meeting – maybe the same day, inside the UN building and just by coincidence, was one of the strongest meetings I have had in my life. I felt there was so much energy, so many good ideas and so much power. We where standing in a circle and I will never forget that moment and often refer to it when I talk about how powerful we human beings are when we believe in something and come together to make a change.

I’m grateful that we met and feel a deep connection.

~Hyssna, Sweden~

Halli Boman

Big Ocean has given me a space where I can not only find women who share similar perspectives as me, but also women with new ideas to challenge my ways of thinking.

~ Dallas TX~

Candace Brown

When I first heard of Big Ocean, I probably should have been asleep. It was late at night and I was just drifting off when my phone buzzed with a text from a good friend. She’d sent me the link to Big Ocean’s website, along with the comment, “This sounds just like you.” Curious, I decided to abandon sleep for a few more minutes while I explored the website.

Instantly, I was captivated by the beauty and boldness of Big Ocean’s beliefs: We are women of God; We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology; We are each unique and innately worthy of respect. Each tenet spoke to me, deeply and directly, on both an intellectual and spiritual level.

As a young woman growing up in a distinctly feminist era, I struggled for many years with  an inability to reconcile my desire to be a feminist with my desire to be a mother. From everything I read, it often seemed that these two were mutually exclusive. But as I learned about Big Ocean’s maternal feminism, everything settled into place, and it made sense.

Big Ocean’s philosophy, their tenets and culture, articulate the truths I have always felt but never been able to express on my own. What is more, they do so in a kind and gentle, yet firm and intelligent, manner. I will forever be grateful that I lost sleep on that night so many years ago: Big Ocean has changed my life for the better.


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Big Ocean Women attends and presents at International Conferences and Global Forums:

  • UVU Women of the Mountains Conference  ~ Three Environments Presentation
  • UVU United Nations Department of Public Information Conference ~ Maternal Feminism Presentation
  • United Nations Habitat 3 ~ Three Environments Presentation
  • United Nations Commission on the Status of Women ~ 6 presentations on Maternal Feminism from 2015-2018
  • World Congress on Families ~ Presentations on Maternal Feminism
  • Parliament of World Religions
  • Kennedy Center for International Studies
  • International Women’s Day Celebration ~ 3 Big Ocean Leadership speeches

Big Ocean Women visit to the United Nation's

2018 Commission on the Status of Women

Carolina Allen's speech at Utah Valley University's

UN-DPI Conference on October 27, 2018

Big Ocean Women visit to the United Nation's

2017 Commission on the Status of Women

"The Three Environments" speech by Carolina Allen

at the Kennedy Center for International Relations