Join us by being a part of a Cottage

Local Cottage

Join a Big Ocean cottage in your area. You can find out if there is a Big Ocean Cottage near you by emailing our Cottage Committee. They will happily connect you to a local cottage whenever possible.

Virtual Cottage

If there is no local cottage in your area, the virtual cottage is a great way to get connected to the global Big Ocean Community.

We hold these meetings via Zoom every month on the first Wednesday at 11:00 am MDT.

Start a Local Cottage

Do you want to gather like-minded women together to make a difference in your community? You can learn to become a Cottage Leader and start your own cottage. The first step is to attend our Big Ocean Virtual Cottage meetings. The Cottage Committee is ready to help you with all the training and resources needed to get you ready to lead the Big Ocean movement in your corner of the world. Reach out to them at:

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