Big Ocean Women was founded by Brazilian native, Carolina Sagebin Allen. The majority of women of the world are women of faith, deeply connected to our familial and ancestral roots, who identify as mothers and nurturers. Carolina wanted to create a massive grassroots movement that represented so many global women’s perspectives, thus validating their experiences.
In Big Ocean, we believe that every woman is a wave in the great ocean of humanity, and together we have astounding impact for good in the world. Hear her views on the powerful impact that every woman can have as we seek to influence within our families, communities, and the world. Watch as she tells the story of the how Big Ocean Women came to be.

What is “Maternal Feminism?”

We call our philosophical banner “Maternal feminism.” Under this banner, we believe that all women are born with inherent powerful and unique characteristics which greatly contribute to our families and communities, both locally and internationally. We seek to represent these maternal strengths and contributions at all levels of politics, economy, and society. Learn more about Maternal Feminism HERE.

What do Big Ocean Women believe?

Big Ocean philosophy includes twelve core tenets. With these tenets, we seek to build a positive, light-filled culture and movement. These tenets are the foundational principles that guide our organization’s global growth and expansion at every level. Find more about our core tenets here.

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