Women gather to create a safe harbor for one another, their families, and their communities. Big Ocean Women have been gathering virtually across the world during the global COVID-19 pandemic. This gathering has had a powerful therapeutic and healing effect on women as they continue to work together to create safe spaces in which to process, heal, and problem solve. Women’s ability to gather, organize, and collaborate is key to the success of the creation of this safe harbor. We observe that throughout history, women have worked to preserve spaces that would ensure privacy and safety. Women have painstakingly fought for equal opportunity and representation. These hard fought battles depend upon the preservation of language specific to a woman’s fully sexed female body and biology. It is dependent upon the preservation of women’s rights to privacy and safety.

Women have the right to speak their mind and conscience. Women have a powerful individual and collective voice. Big Ocean Women believe that each woman has innate power to enact change. This power is magnified when women gather together and organize. We have gathered with other like minded organizations and friends to enact a national survey regarding the general support regarding the status of women’s right to privacy and safety. The results are in! The data overwhelmingly supports and affirms that a majority of people across the country support and are concerned about the right to privacy, safety, and well-being. This is a tremendous victory for women and girls!

This data places into stark contrast the messages sent via mainstream media outlets as well as from certain leaders in government who, whether overtly or unknowingly, are shutting down the voices of women. There is overwhelming proof that voters support the right for women to maintain safety, privacy, as well as individual and collective language based on a fully sexed female body.

The time is now to join with us in creating a safe harbor for women and girls throughout the world!

Our Mission

To gather and train women to be deliberate thinkers and to engage as powerful forces for good in their homes, communities, and world.

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