As Big Ocean Women, we find joy and purpose as we serve in our homes, communities, and the world. In your cottages, look for local opportunities to serve. If you notice a need that you cannot fill alone, reach out to the Big Ocean Women community at We would love to help!

Ongoing service projects we support

Days for Girls

Many girls around the world lack access to sanitary supplies, and as a result miss up to 2 months of education annually. Days for Girls helps girls “gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene, vital health knowledge, and income-generation opportunities”.

Baby Shower

Most mothers in third world countries often deliver in villages without access to safe, clean facilities and without a trained person to assist them. As a result, pregnancy-related deaths are one of the largest threats to women; however, these deaths are preventable.

Donate today to help pay for a midwife-assisted birth in a third world country! (Please enter “Baby Shower” in PayPal’s Purpose field.)