Big Ocean Women

The majority of women today are not being represented by progressive feminism. Women who prioritize faith, family, and motherhood are excluded from the discussions and decisions that affect their daily lives. Big Ocean provides a place for faith-filled feminists to draw on their innate power in the public sphere. We call our movement "Maternal feminism."

At Big Ocean, trained volunteers lead local cottages, where we learn about Big Ocean philosophy, then organize around important causes at the local, national, and international levels to further our movement.

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Our Beliefs

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Who are Big Ocean Women?

We are a vast ocean of informed and empowered women who use their feminine and maternal gifts to stand for faith, family, and motherhood. As an international and interfaith network, we work to safeguard the natural family, protect children, and preserve human life.

What do Big Ocean Women do?

We meet regularly in local groups called “Cottages” to discuss our tenets and to become informed of world attitudes and events related to these tenets.
We become articulate, confident, and prepared to share our understanding with others.
We stand together to support policies that strengthen the family and preserve human life.
We give relief to those in need through service.